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Table 3 Efficacy of icatibant in 201 swellings versus 149 untreated attacks in 13 patients with HAE-PLG

From: Treatment of patients with hereditary angioedema with the c.988A>G (p.Lys330Glu) variant in the plasminogen gene

Patient numberNo. of untreated attacks*Mean duration of untreated attacks (hrs)No. of treated attacksMean time between attack onset and injection of icatibant (hrs)Mean time to first symptom relief (hrs)Mean duration of treated attacks (hrs)Mean shortening of attack duration attacks (%)No. of attacks shortened by > 50%No. of attacks shortened by 20–50%No. of attacks shortened by < 20%
Facial attacks
Tongue swellings
Abdominal attacks
Total No.14920119722
  1. C1-INH C1 inhibitor, HAE hereditary angioedema, HAE-PLG HAE with normal C1-INH and the c.988A > G (p.K330E) variant in the plasminogen gene; No. = number
  2. *Last 10 attacks before treatment or all if less than 10
  3. Note: Out of the 201 swellings, 68 were facial swellings, 104 tongue swellings, and 29 abdominal attacks