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Table 5 Echocardiographic and demographic parameters of the Morquio A cohort indicating high prevalence of mitral and aortic valve pathology, as well as aortic root dilatation. Aortic root Z-scores that indicate aortic root dilatation are highlighted in bold. n.a.; not analyzed

From: Abnormally increased carotid intima media-thickness and elasticity in patients with Morquio A disease

PatientMitral ValveAortic ValveLV Size / FunctionAortic Root Z-Score
1Mildly ThickenedNormalNormalNormalNormaln.a.
2Mildly ThickenedNormalMildly ThickenedNormalNormaln.a.
3NormalNormalNormalNormalNormal+ 1.11
4Mildly ThickenedNormalMildly ThickenedNormalNormal+ 2.41
6ThickenedTrivial RegurgitationThickenedNormalNormal+ 3.28
7Mild DysplasiaTrivial RegurgitationThickenedTrivial RegurgitationNormal+ 1.97
8ThickenedNormalThickenedNormalNormal+ 1.06
9Mildly ThickenedNormalMildly ThickenedNormalNormal+ 4.62
10NormalNormalCusp AsymmetryModerate RegurgitationMild dilatation+ 4.92
11Minimally ThickenedNormalMinimally ThickenedNormalNormal+ 0.43
12NormalNormalSlightly ThickenedTrivial RegurgitationNormal+ 2.43
 73% Thickened18% Regurgitation82% Abnormal27% Regurgitation9% LV Dilatation56% with Dilatation
27% Normal82% Normal18% Normal73% Normal91% Normal44% Normal