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Table 1 The situation of CPT patients

From: Combined surgery with 3-in-1 osteosynthesis in congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia with intact fibula

Numberfollow-up (months)agesurgery historyNF1union timeR (CSA)PTVAVLLDRefracture
N152 M2.6YNN4.4 M1.43NN1.6 cmN
N252 M4.8 YNN4.2 M1.8712°0 cmN
N351 M2.7 YNN6.6 M1.63NN1.5 cmN
N451 M1.1 YNN4.1 M1.57N1.2 cmN
N552 M1.4 YNY4.0 M1.70NN0.6 cmN
N653 M7.7 YYN5.3 M1.32NN1.7 cmN
N741 M2.2 YNN4.2 M2.60NN1.5 cmN
N836 M3.3 YNY4.1 M1.80NN2.6 cmN
N941 M3.9 YNY4.8 M1.48NN0.4 cmN
N1039 M3.2 YNY4.3 M2.16NN1.2 cmN
N1145 M2.3 YNY4.2 M1.92NN2.0 cmN
N1246 M4.0 YNY5.7 M1.38N0.8 cmN
N1347 M2.3 YNN4.1 M1.93NN2.4 cmN
N1446 M3.7 YNY4.4 M2.49N2.2 cmN
N1548 M1.3 YNY7.8 M1.33NN0 cmN
N1651 M1.9 YYY4.6 M1.7716°N2.9 cmN
N1750 M1.7 YNY4.6 M1.1417°1.3 cmN
  1. Note: NF1 neurofibromatosis, AV ankle valgus, PTV proximal tibia valgus, LLD lower limb discrepancy, CSA cross sectional area, R ratio. Y Yes, N No