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Table 4 Attitudes towards thalassaemia among students who had heard about thalassaemia (n = 521)

From: Lack of knowledge and misperceptions about thalassaemia among college students in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional baseline study

Questions or ActionsPositive n (%)Neutral n (%)Negative n (%)
1. I would take the necessary blood test before marriage to prevent the birth of a thalassaemic child459 (88.1%)59 (11.3%)3 (0.6%)
2. I would like to donate my blood for patients with thalassaemia317 (60.8%)129 (24.8%)75 (14.4%)
3. I would be happy to befriend a patient with thalassaemia307 (58.9%)124 (23.8%)90 (17.3%)
4. I would like to inform others about the potential danger of thalassaemia471 (90.4%)48 (9.2%)2 (0.4%)
5. I would take necessary steps to ensure blood testing for thalassaemia before the marriage of my family members441 (84.6%)78 (15%)2 (0.4%)
6. I want my school to take the initiative to generate awareness among students about thalassaemia469 (90%)52 (10%)0 (0%)