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Table 3 Results of the logistic regression model adjusted for possible confounders (age, sex and BMI) showing the association between the clinical features and genetic status

From: Can we identify individuals with an ALPL variant in adults with persistent hypophosphatasaemia?

Clinical featureOdds Ratio95% ICp value
Musculoskeletal pain7.61.9–30.90.005**
Peripheral fractures1.20.4–40.769
Family history of fractures0.40.06–2.20.273
Orthopedic surgery3.70.5–27.10.199
History of premature tooth loss1.70.1–21.90.673
Dental abnormalities3.60.9–13.40.053
Family history of dental problems0.70.2–2.30.513
Muscle weakness3.10.4–27.60.309
Calcific periarthritis1.50.2–9.90.680
  1. **Significant statistical differences between groups