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Table 2 Nuclear genes involved in other mitochondrial functions causing Leigh and Leigh-like syndrome

From: Molecular basis of Leigh syndrome: a current look

Mitochondrial functionAssociated nuclear genes
Mitochondrial DNA maintenanceFBXL4, POLG, POLG2, SUCLA2, SUCLG1, TWNK, SLC25A4, MPV17
Mitochondrial translationGTPBP3, TRMU, EARS2, FARS2, IARS2, GFM1, GFM2, LRPPRC,TACO1, MTFMT, C12Orf65, MRPS34, MRPS39 (PTCD3), NARS2, TSFM
Mitochondrial dynamicsSLC25A46, DNM1L, MFN2, RRM2B
Mitochondrial material import/exportSLC25A19
Membrane phosphocomponentsSERAC1
Sulfur dioxygenaseETHE1
AAA oligomeric +/− ATPaseCLPB, SPG7
RNA importPNPT1
RNA-specific adenosine deaminaseADAR, RNASEH1
Nuclear translocation systemRANBP2
Nuclear pore complexNUP62
Manganese transportationSLC39A8