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Table 7 Distribution of thalassemia carriers and other Hb variants among the study participants

From: Nationwide carrier detection and molecular characterization of β-thalassemia and hemoglobin E variants in Bangladeshi population

Types of thalassemia carriers and other Hb variantsNumber of participants, nFrequency %, (95% CI)
HbE Trait (ETT)1638.68 (7.41–9.95)
β-thalassemia trait (BTT)422.24 (1.57–2.91)
HbE disease080.43 (0.13–0.73)
α-thalassemia trait020.11 (0.04–0.26)
HbD trait030.16 (0.02–0.34)
Suspected NTD HbE/β-thalassemia020.11 (0.04–0.26)
HPFH030.16 (0.02–0.34)
Total carriers of mutations in one or both alleles of globin genes22311.89 (10.43–13.35)
  1. CI Confidence Interval, Hb Hemoglobin, HPFH Hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin, NTD Non-transfusion dependent