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Table 3 Molecular analysis of the selected participants for confirmation of the carrier status

From: Nationwide carrier detection and molecular characterization of β-thalassemia and hemoglobin E variants in Bangladeshi population

GroupsSelection parametersTotal, nMutation Absent, nNumber of participants having mutation in β-globin gene, n
HeterozygousHomozygousa/compound heterozygousb
Group 1HbA2 < 2.2% Hb < 10 g/dl646400
Group 2Hb A2: 3.3–3.5% (borderline suspected)2524010
Group 3HbA2 > 3.5%4605410
Group 4HbE: 25–40%16501632b
Group 5HbE > 90% HbA = 0%08008a
  1. Hb Hemoglobin; a indicates the presence of two mutations in homozygous condition and b indicates the presence of compound heterozygous mutation