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Table 2 Strategic areas, objectives working groups in ERN TransplantChild

From: Cross-cutting view of current challenges in paediatric solid organ and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Europe: the European Reference Network TransplantChild

Strategic areasRelated objectiveWorking group
Improve patient healthcareEnsuring equity, transparency and coordination at local, regional and European level in order to allow the patient and family access to the best and continuous care throughout the network by using mechanisms of coordination and communication.Healthcare
Harmonise clinical best practicesDiscussing new evidence-based and standardising practices for the whole transplant process by the development of clinical practice guidelines.Clinical practice guidelines
Harmonise research and innovationIdentifying, aligning and prioritising research area gaps focused on facilitating continuous improvement transplanted patient care and Health outcomes.Research
Spread knowledgeExchanging and disseminating knowledge and best practices within and outside the network and closely collaborating with other centres and Networks at both national and international level.Networking and Knowledge management
Education and trainingIdentifying and fulfilling educational, training, and professional development gaps in PT, promoting the use of standardized continuous education training programmes.Education and training
Network organisation, quality and safetyDefining the mechanisms needed for planning monitoring and reviewing the strategic approach and operating rules in order to achieve the established objectives, with the support of high quality and safe care for patients and their families.Quality and Safety