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Table 1 Treatment attributes and levels

From: Treatment preference among patients with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA): a discrete choice experiment

Category Attribute Levels Code
Motor function Level of change in motor function Stable 1
Better 2
Breathing function Level of change in breathing function Stable 1
Better 2
Indication Drug is approved for Pediatric and adult patients with SMA 1
Pediatric patients with SMA only (e.g., < 2 years of age) 2
Route and frequency of administration Route and frequency of treatments Intravenous (IV) infusion—one-time treatment 1
Intrathecal (IT) spinal injection—3–6 times per year 2
Oral—daily medication 3
Potential harm Treatments potentially raise severity of harm to patients Mild risk which may involve minimal or non-invasive medical intervention 1
Moderate risk which may require medical intervention (possibly invasive), but not life threatening 2
Serious, or life-threatening risk which may require urgent medical intervention or prolonged hospitalization 3