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Table 2 Professions correspondents would like to see when they visit a centre of expertise or when they receive an extensive review

From: Patient’s thoughts and expectations about centres of expertise for PKU

  When you visit a centre of expertise (n = 83) (%) When you receive an extensive review (n = 67) (%)
Physician 84.3 83.6
Dietician 77.1 79.1
Psychologist (for discussing any problems or mental health issues) 48.2 50.7
Social worker 15.7 10.4
Neuropsychologist (for brain function tests such as IQ) 51.8 59.7
Not applicable, I am not interested in visiting a PKU centre of expertise/an extensive review 3.6 4.5
Other namely 7.2 7.5
  1. Multiple answer options were possible
  2. 1Other namely: Geneticist, Dexa-scan, obstetrician, sports physician