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Table 1 Clinical information of patient-derived orbicularis oculi muscle and medial recti samples

From: Gene expression profiling of orbital muscles in treatment-resistant ophthalmoplegic myasthenia gravis

Age at surgery (years) Orbital muscle Diagnosis MG duration (years)
42 OOM OP-MG 18
15 OOMa OP-MG 7
27 OOM OP-MG 10
34 OOM OP-MG 14
55 OOMa Levator dehiscenceb NA
51 OOM Levator traumab NA
56 OOM Canalicular obstructionb NA
27 EOM OP-MG 15
77 EOM Secondary esotropia-blind from glaucoma NA
  1. Myasthenia gravis (MG) duration was taken from onset of symptoms. Extraocular muscle (EOM) refers to medial rectus; ophthalmoplegic MG (OP-MG); orbicularis oculi muscle (OOM)
  2. aSamples obtained from both eyes at independent surgeries
  3. bNormal OOM biopsied