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Table 1 Patient attrition

From: The patient journey toward a diagnosis of hereditary transthyretin (ATTRv) amyloidosis

  Criteria N
A Adult patients with ≥ 1 medical claim with relevant amyloidosis diagnosis code (ICD-10-CM: E85.0-.4, E85.89, E85.9; excludes light chain and wild type) during identification period (01/01/2016–12/31/2017). The first diagnosis date is defined as index date 6115
B Of A, with ≥ 1 occurrence of qualifying criteria during study period: ≥ 15 days diflunisal use with > 30-day gap OR liver transplant (patients with claim with specific codes E85.1 or E85.2 at any time did not require additional qualifier) 302a
C Of B, who were newly diagnosed (i.e., had no ICD-9/10 amyloidosis code during look-back period) and had continuous enrollment during 5 years pre-index date (look-back period) 141
  1. a279 patients with a claim with E85.1 or E85.2, 26 with ≥ 15 days diflunisal use, and 6 with liver transplant; some patients may have had multiple qualifiers