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Table 4 Differential diagnoses of Behçet diseases according to organ involvement

From: French recommendations for the management of Behçet’s disease

Type of damage Differential diagnoses
Mucous ulcerations Herpes, neutropenia, pemphigus, CIID, drugs, vitamin deficiencies
Bipolar aphthosis CIID, MAGIC syndrome, deficiency of mevalonate kinase, A20 haplo-insufficiency
Articular damage Spondyloarthropathies
Gastrointestinal damage CIID, NSAID toxicity, infectious colitis
Venous thrombosis Thrombophilia, genetic or acquired
Arterial damage Septic aneurysms, atrophic polychondritis, Takayasu
Neurological damage SEP, sarcoidosis, tumoral pathologies, lymphomas or infectious meningo-encephalitis