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TableĀ 2 The tools used by CML-AN as an internal management and measurement framework

From: 10th European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products (ECRD 2020)

ProtocolThis document defines the strategic objectives of the CML-CAB as well as defining roles and responsibilities for each CAB participant.
Confidentiality agreementAddresses the scope of confidentiality discussions during CAB meetings and serves as a legal agreement
Follow-up TrackerAllows CML-CAB and sponsor to mutually nominate responsibility for follow-up action
DocumentationConfidential record of the meeting plus a non-confidential public report for CML-AN members
Score cardMechanism whereby CML-CAB can score the performance of the sponsor
Skills MatrixEvaluation of the skills of CML-CAB members under the following domains: Research, Access, Collaboration, Drug Expertise and English language skills