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Table 4 Summary for clinical usage – CDSSs using machine learning

From: Diagnosis of Rare Diseases: a scoping review of clinical decision support systems

CDSSs using machine learning • Rother et al. [26]
• Grigull et al. [35]
• Sidiropoulos et al. [20]
Development status and system availability • All CDSSs are clinical prototypes
• All CDSSs are currently unavailable for usage
Type of clinical data • Rother et al., Grigull et al.: Patients questionnaire
• Sidiropoulos et al.: Clinical data
Rare Diseases covered • Rother et al.: Pulmonary rare diseases
• Grigull et al.: Neuromuscular rare diseases
• Sidiropoulos et al.: Rare brain cancer diseases
Data entry and integration • No information available
Last software update • No information available
Current clinical usage • No information available