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Table 2 codebook specifying summary table column headings (variable names)

From: A guide to writing systematic reviews of rare disease treatments to generate FAIR-compliant datasets: building a Treatabolome

Item Variable name Value label
Phenotype of a group of rare diseases gener_pheno Rare diseases phenotypical grouping, e.g. Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes CMS
Specific phenotype under the generic phenotype spec_pheno Rare diseases subtype under a generic phenotype, e.g. DOK7 under CMS
Gene gene  
First-line treatment recommendation first_line  
Alternative treatment 1 alt_treat_1  
Alternative treatment 2 alt_treat_2  
Likely innefective innefective List of medications tried without success
Harmful harmful List of medications that can harm these patients
Expert Summary of Evidence expert_sum  
number of publications num_pub Integer that corresponds to the total of publications reviewed for this database entry
Key reference key_ref Main literature reference for the database entry
PMIDs pmids List the PMIDs of papers referenced for this database entry
DOIs dois List of DOIs of papers referenced for this database entry
OCEBM ocebm OCEBM classification of evidence
GRADE grade GRADE classification of evidence