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Table 13 Recommendations for clinical follow-up

From: Consensus based recommendations for diagnosis and medical management of Poland syndrome (sequence)

  Grade Consensus agreement
R13.80 Thoracic surgery in pediatric age has to be planned and performed by pediatric surgeons. Definitely useful/strong literature 100%
R13.81 The role of the pediatric thoracic surgeon includes: evaluation of thoracic symmetry, assessment of ribs anomalies, evaluation of the sternum, long-term follow-up, possible surgical treatment. Definitely useful/strong literature 100%
R13.82 The following evaluations have to be planned for each newly diagnosed patient < 18 yrs. of age: Pediatric thoracic surgeon clinical evaluation, Chest x-ray, Cardiac evaluation with cardiac US, Genetic counseling, Orthopedic evaluation, Plastic surgeon evaluation for pre-adolescents and teenagers, Abdominal ultrasound. Definitely useful/strong literature 87,5%
R13.83 We recommend for child patients a preliminary assessment of psychological condition, to guide the adequate development of body image and to prevent inferiority feelings. GCP (no literature available) 100%