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Table 12 Recommendations for psychological support

From: Consensus based recommendations for diagnosis and medical management of Poland syndrome (sequence)

  Grade Consensus agreement
R12.74 To perform a psychological evaluation before facing the reconstructive intervention related to thoracic and/or mammary deformity GCP (no literature available) 100%
R12.75 Psychological support is fundamental since the diagnosis of the PS to avoid the neurosis onset GCP (no literature available) 100%
R12.76 To elaborate the diagnosis and to reinforce parental capacities GCP (no literature available) 100%
R12.77 We recommend a preliminary assessment of psychological condition in adolescent patients, to guide self- consciousness and knowledge of individual needs in order to reach self -determination about surgical operation GCP (no literature available) 100%
R12.78 We recommend previous assessment of psychological condition in adult patients, to help on accepting the condition and to face up the associate consequences, including surgical treatment or therapy GCP (no literature available) 100%
R12.79 The psychologist is an important resource for the entire multidisciplinary team during the diagnostic, care and assistance process, helping to build the best path for the specific situation (for example, for the communication of the diagnosis) Definitely useful/strong literature 100%