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Table 10 Recommendations for plastic surgery

From: Consensus based recommendations for diagnosis and medical management of Poland syndrome (sequence)

  Grade Consensus agreement
R10.60 Reconstructive plan should be the least invasive and debilitating for the patient given the main aesthetic purpose of the reconstruction Definitely useful/strong literature 90,0%
R10.61 Autologous fat graft should be the first surgical procedure but it is strictly dependent to the grade of deformities, BMI index and chest wall involvement. Definitely useful/strong literature 62,5%
R10.62 Breast implants are the simplest solution to obtain missing breast volumes Definitely useful/strong literature 100%
R10.63 The contralateral breast should be reworked as little as possible, especially in young nulliparous patients Possibly useful/modest literature 80%
R10.64 Skin expansion should be planned if side-affected nipple dislocation exceeds 2 cm (N2 in TNB classification) or if the side-affected breast is absent (N3,B2 in TNB classification). Definitely useful/strong literature 75%
R10.65 Muscle transpositions should be used in strictly selected cases after an accurate evaluation of the pros and cons of the procedure based on the anatomical characteristics (back, shoulder, posture, …) and life habits (sport activity, work activity, hobbies, …) of the patient. Possibly useful/modest literature 100%
R10.66 Muscle transpositions shouldn’t be used in non-adult patients, or even in patients who have not fully completed their psycho-physical development and who have not clearly outlined their social and working life habits. Definitely useful/strong literature 100%