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Table 1 Patient demographics with age at time of stem cell transplant, age at time of surgery and month at which post-operative gait assessment was done

From: Improvement in functional gait parameters following corrective thoracolumbar surgery in children affected by Mucopolysaccharidosis 1 (Hurler syndrome)

Patient IdentifierGenderAge at the time of transplant in monthsAge at the time of surgery in yearsPost-operative gait assessment in months after surgery
1.Male15 months10 years28 months
2.Female10 months9 years14 months
3.Female1st- 11 months
2nd- 16 months
11 years13 months
4.Female1st- 11 months
2nd- 19 months
13 years16 months
5.Female12 months10 years18 months
6.Female9 months11 years16 months
7.Female14 months9 years11 months
8.Male8 months5 years24 months
9.Male12 months7 years17 months
10.Male8 months7 years35 months
11.Male20 months10 years11 months