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Table 4 Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised scores (at age 5) for 46 participants

From: Should autism spectrum disorder be considered part of CHARGE syndrome? A cross-sectional study of 46 patients

Social interaction10.337.290–2630
Nonverbal skills1.461.750–66
Peer relationships3.482.990–88
Failure to share pleasure2.372.190–66
Social reciprocity3.042.130–810
 Verbal participants (n = 33)84.860–2026
 Nonverbal participants (n = 13)6.694.790–1414
Make-believe play2.572.400–66
Conversation (for verbal participants)2.461.250–44
Stereotyped language (for verbal participants)1.301.470–58
Restricted behaviors3.132.220–912
Encompassing preoccupations0.591.020–44
Compulsions rituals1.371.360–44
Hand and finger motor mannerisms0.740.800–22
Concern for part -objects0.430.580–22