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Table 4 Influencing factors on HRQoL

From: Costs of illness in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): a cross-sectional survey in Germany

A Influencing factors on EQ-VAS score
VariableChange in EQ-VAS score95% CIp-value
Classified into a care level−14−22.3 to −5.60.001
Impaired in daily activities−24.7−41.7 to −7.70.005
Wheelchair use−8.8−16 to −40.030
Age−0.3−0.6 to 00.034
Permanent attendance of a caregiver necessary−8.3−16.1 to −0.50.037
B Influencing factors on EQ-5D-5L™ index value
VariableChange in EQ-index score95% CIp-value
Permanent attendance of a caregiver necessary−0.25−0.33 to −0.160.000
Wheelchair use−0.17−0.22 to −0.120.000
Classified into a care level−0.13−0.22 to −0.040.005
Impaired in daily activities− 0.15−0.28 to −0.020.023
Invasive ventilation−0.13−0.28 to 0.030.103
Currently working−0.02−0.12 to 0.080.692
  1. This multiple linear regression model showed significant influence by mainly of loss of autonomy (classification into a care level, impairment in daily activities, wheelchair use and need of permanent attendance of a caregiver) on HRQoL. The model was adjusted for statistical outliers
  2. Abbreviations: HRQoL health related quality of life, Euro, EQ-VAS score Self-rated health on the visual analogue scale of EuroQol Group EQ-5D-5LTM instrument. health on a visual analogue scale (0–100), CI confidence interval, n number