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Table 2 Cost of illness (COI)

From: Costs of illness in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): a cross-sectional survey in Germany

 Mean annual costs in € (95% CI)Ratio of total COI (percent)
Direct medical costs28,087 (20,911-35,263)35.9
Formal care8888 (2601-15,174)11.4
Further therapies7629 (6610-8649)9.7
Hospitalisation4568 (2991-6145)5.8
Supportive devices2785 (2032-3538)3.6
Drugs2190 (1971 − 2409)2.8
Inpatient rehabilitation885 (607–1162)1.1
Outpatient physician consultations612 (515–710)0.8
Surgery189 (114–263)0.2
Outpatient hospital consultations180 (140–220)0.2
Psychological support161 (29–293)0.2
Direct non-medical costs38,412 (31,695-45,130)49.1
Informal care36,152 (29,621-42,683)46.2
Constructional alterations1871 (1123-2618)2.4
Travel expenses353 (270–436)0.5
Legal support9 (1–18)0.0
Other costs27 (24–31)0.0
Indirect costs11,757 (8232-15,282)15.0
Total COI78,256 (66,583-89,929)100.0
  1. Incurred costs per ALS patient and year in the different cost categories from a societal perspective. Other costs consisted of e.g. ALS-related fitness centre membership and others. Due to rounding, percentages do not add up exactly
  2. Abbreviations: Euro, CI confidence interval