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Table 2 Latency in phenylketonuria patients and in controls

From: Saccadic reaction time and ocular findings in phenylketonuria

Study participantsReciprocal Latency (horizontally)Latency (horizontally)
PKU all (n = 19)
 Phenylalanine concentrations above age-related therapeutic ranges (*) (n = 10)5.291/s (SD 0.99)189 ms
 Phenylalanine concentrations within age-related therapeutic ranges (n = 9)5.75 1/s (SD 1.05)180 ms
Controls (n = 75)5.65 1/s (SD 1.05)177 ms
  1. *: 238.4 μmol/l (64%) higher in comparison to the maximal age adjusted reference