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Table 1 Patient characteristics and treatment courses of 24 patients with extra-pelvic intravenous leiomyomatosis

From: Surgical treatment strategies for extra-pelvic intravenous leiomyomatosis

No.AgeMain symptomsPath of tumorExtensionSurgical procedureSite of extra-pelvic tumor adherenceFollow-up (mon)
141Abdominal distensionRight IIVRight ventricleSternolaparotomyRight atrium100
234NoneBilateral IIVRight atriumSternolaparotomy99
349Lower limb edemaRight IIVRight atriumSternolaparotomyInfra renal IVC68
448NoneRight IIVRight atriumSternolaparotomy64
550Abdominal distensionRight IIV, right ovarian veinRight atriumSternolaparotomya52
637Vaginal bleedingRight IIV, right ovarian veinRight atriumSternolaparotomyaRight atrium51
742NoneRight ovarian veinSupra renal veinType 1 surgery49
862AnorexiaRight ovarian veinRight ventricleType 2 surgeryThe inlet of right ovarian vein47
947DyspneaLeft ovarian veinRight atriumType 4 surgeryRight atrium41
1030NoneRight IIV, right ovarian veinRight atriumType 2 surgery37
1150NoneRight IIVRight ventricleType 2 surgery32
1244NoneLeft ovarian veinRight atriumType 2 surgery32
1355Lower limb edemaRight IIVRight atriumType 2 surgeryInfra hepatic IVC27
1444SyncopeRight ovarian veinRight atriumType 4 surgeryRight atrium27
1547DyspneaLeft IIVPAbType 4 surgeryPA and left CIV26
1645DyspneaRight IIV, right ovarian veinRight ventricleType 2 surgeryRight CIV17
1745Dyspnea, coughRight IIVPAType 4 surgeryPA17
1834SyncopeRight IIVRight ventricleType 2 surgery16
1941NoneRight ovarian veinSupra renal veinType 1 surgery16
2043DyspneaRight IIVRight atriumType 3 surgeryInfra renal IVC15
2144NoneRight ovarian veinSecondary porta of liverType 1 surgery7
2246NoneBilateral IIVRight atriumcType 1 surgery6
2339NoneLeft IIVSecondary porta of liverdType 1 surgery2
2447DyspneaLeft IIVRight atriumType 1 surgeryLeft CIV1
  1. a Incomplete resection of pelvic intravenous tumor
  2. b Multiple nodules up to 1.9 cm in diameter in the middle lobe of right lung
  3. c Solitary nodule of 1.4 cm in diameter in the inferior lobe of right lung
  4. d Multiple nodules up to 1.5 cm in diameter in the both lungs
  5. CIV common iliac vein; IIV internal iliac vein; IVC inferior vena cava; PA pulmonary artery