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Table 2 Number of patients and controls per dataset

From: Diagnosis support systems for rare diseases: a scoping review

 Number of studiesNumber of studies with datasetsNumber of datasetsNumber of patients
MedianMean [Min, Max]
 Group 129 studies27 studies29 datasets50291 [7, 5050]
 Group 215 studies14 studies20 datasets98730 [5, 10,593]
 Group 317 studies8 studies10 datasets1616929 [40, 39,000]
 Group 129 studies27 studies29 datasets70105,491 [10, 2,966,363]
  1. Studies are grouped according to the number of diseases they address. Group 1: one disease; group 2: a class of diseases; group 3: all rare/genetic diseases. The number of studies, datasets and patients per dataset for each group is given. For group 1, the number of individuals in the control groups is also given. Datasets from studies addressing all rare diseases (group 3) contain more patients on average