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Table 1 Summary of antenatal and postnatal features in non-lethal RS individuals

From: Natural history of non-lethal Raine syndrome during childhood

Pedigree numberCase ICase IICase IIICase IVCase VCase VICase VII
Degree of kinshipSiblings   Siblings
Other children with RS in the familyNoOneNo, two previous spontaneous abortionsNoNoNoaNoa
Gestational age (wks)NA373736364039
Weight at birth (g) /centile (c.le)NA2900/30°3500/90°2750/60°2200/10°3500/60°3750/80°
Length at birth (cm)/ centile (c.le)NA50/50°47/3°NANANANA
Neonatal periodNAChoanal stenosis-respiratory distressBilateral choanal atresia-respiratory distressNormalChoanal atresia-respiratory distress -
Hypocalcemic seizures
NormalNeonatal cerebral hypoxia-ischemia
  1. c.le percentile; F female, M male NA not available; wks weeks; aOne child deceased at 7 months (the diagnosis was not made)