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Table 8 Pastor et al. (2009) HAEC score items [76]

From: ERNICA guidelines for the management of rectosigmoid Hirschsprung’s disease

 Diarrhea with explosive stool2
 Diarrhea with foul-smelling stool2
 Diarrhea with bloody stool1
 Previous history of enterocolitis1
Physical examination 
 Explosive discharge of gas and stool on rectal examination2
 Distended abdomen2
 Decreased peripheral perfusion1
Radiologic examination
 Multiple air fluid levels1
 Dilated loops of bowel1
 Sawtooth appearance with irregular mucosal lining1
 Cut off sign in rectosigmoid region with absence of distal air1
 Shift to left1
  1. Note: Using a cut-off of > 4 points to identify suspected HAEC is more sensitive and may have better clinical applicability than Pastor and co-workers' original cut-off of > 10 points [75]