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Table 2 Diabetes management and diabetes-related complications in individuals with WRS

From: Diabetes management in Wolcott-Rallison syndrome: analysis from the German/Austrian DPV database

 n data availablemedian [Q1-Q3] or %
Manifestation with diabetic ketoacidosis1070
Insulin dose at manifestation (IU/kg/d)60.7 [0.5–0.9]
Insulin dose at follow-up (IU/kg/d)110.7 [0.5–1]
HbA1c at manifestation (%)57 [5.8–10.9]
HbA1c at follow-up (%)118 [7–9]
≥ 1 episodes of SH during follow-up1040
≥ 1 episodes of DKA during follow-up1010