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Table 3 Data validation items developed by the central CIMDRN office

From: Evaluation of the quality of clinical data collection for a pan-Canadian cohort of children affected by inherited metabolic diseases: lessons learned from the Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network

Items verified
Check that blank data fields are confirmed as intentionally blank to indicate that information is not available in the participant’s chart
Check that any dates that are entered occur within a reasonable time frame (e.g., dates should not occur in the future)
Check that participant data are recorded in chronological order
Follow up with centre regarding any extreme values that could represent a data entry error
Check to ensure correct organization of information (i.e., data entered in correct data field and in the correct format)
Check that organization of data in clinical database follows expected workflow at that centre (i.e., order of events is reasonable and appropriate)
Ensure appropriate unit conversion, if applicable