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Table 1 The primers characteristics and the size of PCR products used for Long-range PCR assays

From: Genotype-phenotype correlation and description of two novel mutations in Iranian patients with glycogen storage disease 1b (GSD1b)

 NameSequenceChromosome Position (GRCh37)PCR product size
First long-range PCRF1AGCATCACTACTGTTACTCCTCACChr11: 118902469–1189024928276 bp
R1GGAGAATGCTGACCCTGATGACChr11: 118894217–118894238
Second long-range PCRF1AGCATCACTACTGTTACTCCTCACChr11: 118902469–1189024922724 bp
R2ATGTCCATGGATCTCAGAGCTTCChr11: 118899769–118899791