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Table 4 Clinical events reported during follow-up in LMNA mutated patients

From: Differences in cardiac phenotype and natural history of laminopathies with and without neuromuscular onset

 Patients with neurological onset (N = 14)Patients without neurological onset (N = 26)P value
New onset of atrial fibrillation (any form)2 (14)6 (23)0.688
PM implantation3 (21)1 (4)0.114
ICD implantation2 (14)8 (31)0.445
SVT/arrhythmic storm1 (7)6 (23)0.387
Admission for heart failure5 (36)11 (42)0.746
Heart transplantation4 (29)6 (23)0.717
Thromboembolic events00 
  1. Values are expressed as N or N (%). SVT sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmia, PM pacemaker, ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator