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Table 1 Number of national hospitalization cases for the TMA (M31.1) and HUS (D59.3) according to primary (PD) or secondary diagnosis (SD), year of data collection and patient age

From: Incidence of acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in Germany: a hospital level study

 Year 2016Year 2015Year 2014Year 2013
ICD-10 M31.1 TMA
 M31.1 PD (total)416396407353
 M31.1 PD (18+)403381394336
 M31.1 SD (total)397471352289
 M31.1 SD (18+)384453341276
ICD-10 D59.3 HUS
 D59.3 PD (total)467488431391
 D59.3 PD (18+)263295251207
 D59.3 SD (total)267294273214
 D59.3 SD (18+)150178159113
  1. ICD-10 M31.1 “Thrombotic Microangiopathy”, ICD-10 D59.3 “Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome”, PD Primary Diagnosis, SD Secondary Diagnosis (SD), total children, adolescents and adults; 18+ adults 18 years and older