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Table 5 Model assessment parameters

From: Incontinentia pigmenti burden scale: designing a family burden questionnaire

 Synthesis of adjustments made
Higher order factor criteriaRequiredObtained
Absolute indexRatio of chi-sq to degrees of freedom< 51.17
Absolute indexPr > Khi-2Not significant0.0701
Absolute indexNormalized RMR< 0.050.0778
Absolute indexGoodness of fit index (GFI)> 0.80.805
Parsimonious indexAdjusted goodness of fit index (AGFI)> 0.80.7457
Parsimonious indexRMSEA estimateAbout 0.05 and at the very least under
Parsimonious indexInferior limit of the 90% RMSEA confidence interval (CI) 0
Parsimonious indexSuperior limit of the 90% RMSEA confidence interval (CI) 0.0824
Parsimonious indexAkaike information criterionThe lowest value possible of the models tested286.2104
Incremental indexBentler comparative fit index> 0.90.9598
Incremental indexBentler-Bonett non-normed index> 0.90.9526
  1. RMSEA: root mean square error of approximation
  2. Model-fit tests were applied to assess the model’s validity. Multiple models were tested, and those with lowest RMSEA and BIC were selected