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Table 2 Socio-economic status and age of parents, disease manifestations and management details of IP-affected children

From: Incontinentia pigmenti burden scale: designing a family burden questionnaire

ItemsNPopulationdata missing%
One of the parents with IP2661042.6%
Living in a couple3161050.8%
Living alone2061032.8%
Average parents’ age 41.7 ± 12.8  
High income group1661026.2%
Low income group861013.1%
Higher education qualification1861029.5%
No qualifications56108.2%
100% health insurance cover753813.2%
Diagnosis made by a dermatologist4953880.3%
Clinical signs
Satisfied overall with care provided2757447.4%
Satisfied with medical care provided by your physician25501150.0%
Followed by an ophthalmologist5261085.3%
Followed by a psychologist1261019.7%
Followed by a speech therapist1761027.9%
Followed by an occupational therapist1153020.8%
Followed by a massage therapist1561024.6%
Attended a therapy education programme761011,5%
Contact with an association4561073.8%