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Table 7 Performance of potentially exceptional participants with good cognition in spite of poor metabolic control or vice-versa poor cognition in spite of good control (see text for further explanation). Childhood Phe results for PKU108 are not available

From: Adult cognitive outcomes in phenylketonuria: explaining causes of variability beyond average Phe levels

 Good cognition but poor adult control
Education (in years)131416
Gender (M/F)MMM
Full IQ109117126
Feature search RT−0.1−0.3−1.1
Conjoined search RT0.1−0.5−1.4
Average Z score0.10.0−0.2
% z score = >
Childhood (0–10 y)
 Phe Average Median498425
 Phe Variation181213
Adolescence (11–16 y)
 Phe Average Median634622845
 Phe Variation634113150
Adulthood (17 y +)
 Phe Average Median106711151000
 Phe Variation239114137
 Phe Average Median672978975
 Phe Variation169148139
Current Phe16351080685