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Table 5 Simultaneous regression analyses –method forward-- predicting cognitive outcomes from: a) Childhood Phe average; b) childhood Phe SD; c) adolescent/adult Phe average; d) adolescent/adult Phe SD. Analysis A uses adolescent measures; Analysis B uses adult measures

From: Adult cognitive outcomes in phenylketonuria: explaining causes of variability beyond average Phe levels

Dependent VariablesPredictorsBest model
EnteredR2Adj R2stand βp
Analysis - A
 Full IQAdolescent Phe average.23.21−0.48.001
 Mean z-scoreAdolescent Phe average.43.410.38.01
 Childhood Phe SD  0.36.01
Analysis - B
 Full IQAdult Phe average.22.20−0.47.001
 Mean z-scoreChildhood Phe SD.41.390.41.005
 Adult Phe average  0.32.02