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Table 4 Regression analyses predicting cognitive outcomes from Phe variation (SD) and Phe average entered either at the same step (forward method; set A) or at different steps (set b). Phe variation and Phe average are computed across the life-span. Coefficient and p refer to best model

From: Adult cognitive outcomes in phenylketonuria: explaining causes of variability beyond average Phe levels

Dependent variableR2Adj R2Predictorsstand βpR2 change
 Full IQStep 10.160.14Education.28.01 
Step 20.390.37Phe SD−0.5<.001 
   Phe average 
 Mean z-scoreStep 10.090.08Education−19.09 
Step 20.420.39Phe SD.46<.001 
   Phe average.23.049 
Analysis B
 Full IQStep 10.050.03Phe average−.03n.s.
Step 20.320.29Phe SD−.55<.0010.27
 Mean z-scoreStep 10.160.14Phe average.22.06
Step 20.390.36Phe SD.51<.0010.23