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Table 1 Demographic and metabolic information for English and Italian PKU groups matched for age, gender and education, and for the whole group. Blood Phe measured in μmol/L

From: Adult cognitive outcomes in phenylketonuria: explaining causes of variability beyond average Phe levels

 PKU GroupControl Group
N = 56N = 49
Education (in years)14.31.914.71.8
Gender (M/F)21//35 21//28 
Childhood (0–10 years)
 Phe Average Median457213  
 Phe Fluctuation21464  
 Mean N obs. Per participant201141  
Adolescence (11–16 years)
 Phe Average Median714294  
 Phe Fluctuation16256  
 Mean N obs. Per participant7865  
Adulthood (17 years +)
 Phe Average Median859307  
 Phe Variation16477  
 Mean N obs. Per participant6367  
 Phe Average Median655263  
 Phe Fluctuation (SD)17958  
 Mean N obs. Per participant341213  
Current Phe833403