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Table 4 Neuropsychological test results of the CTRL and Pre-HD groups

From: The effect of impulsivity and inhibitory control deficits in the saccadic behavior of premanifest Huntington’s disease individuals

Executive Composite Score3216530774(1,34) 0.3130.579
Memory Composite Score206.53220361(1,34) 0.2250.638
Vocabulary - WAIS III36.5153713(1,34) 0.2710.606
Raven Matrices8293(1,34) 0.1050.748
Montreal Cognitive Assessment263263(1,34) 0.2480.622
Benton Visual Form Discrimination30.53304(1,34) 0.3100.861
HADS-SIS – Depression4546(1,34) 0.1500.700
HADS-SIS – Anxiety6755(1,34) 0.1970.660
  1. No significant differences found between Pre-HD and Controls in any of the Neuropsychological Measures
  2. IQR Interquartile Range, HADS-SIS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale – Snaith Irritability Scale
  3. Executive Composite Score = Stroop word reading test (total correct) + Stroop color naming test (total correct) + Stroop interference test (total correct) + Symbol digit modality test (total correct) + Verbal fluency test (letters-PMR) (total correct) + Verbal fluency test (category-animals) (total correct)
  4. Memory Composite Score = Benton visual retention test (total correct) + Auditory verbal learning test (trials-1-5) (total correct) + Auditory verbal learning test (recall) (total correct) + Auditory verbal learning test (recognition) (total correct) + Corsi block tapping task (direct) (total correct) + Corsi block tapping task (inverse) (total correct)