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Table 1 Neuropsychological assessment battery

From: Overall intact cognitive function in male X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy adults with normal MRI

Cognitive domain Test Corrected for N
Language COWAT letter fluency test, Dutch version (DAT) [13]
Vocabulary and Similarities subtests of the WAIS-IV [14]
Education level
Verbal memory Rey AVLT, Dutch version [15, 16] Age, education level and gender 847
Non-verbal memory Visual Reproduction subtest of the WMS-IV [17] Age 1188
Visuoconstruction RCFT-copy subtest [18]
Beery VMI-VI [19]
Executive functioning TMT of the Halstead–Reitan Battery [20]
Stroop Color and Word Test [21]
Age, education level
Age, education level and gender
Psychomotor speed Subtests S1 and S3 of the VTS (Version 8.2) [22] Agea 276/981
Subjective assessment BRIEF-A self-report [23] No corrections 1600
  1. Abbreviations: AVLT Auditory Verbal Learning Test, BRIEF-A Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version, COWAT Controlled Oral Word Association Test, RCFT Rey Complex Figure Test, TMT Trail Making Test, VMI Visual-Motor Integration, VTS Vienna Test System, WAIS Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, WMS Wechsler Memory Scale. aS1 only above or below 51 years
  2. N number of persons in standardised norm group