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Table 2 First and additional signs/symptoms experienced by pediatric patients with HPP

From: Burden of disease in pediatric patients with hypophosphatasia: results from the HPP Impact Patient Survey and the HPP Outcomes Study Telephone interview

Sign/symptom Patients, n (%) (n = 15)
First sign/symptom
 Dental/tooth loss 7 (46.7)
 Impaired mobility 6 (40.0)
 Skeletal abnormalities 5 (33.3)
 Pain 4 (26.7)
 Fracture 0 (0.0)
 Other first sign/symptoma 8 (53.3)
Additional sign/symptom
 Impaired mobility 7 (46.7)
 Skeletal abnormalities 6 (40.0)
 Pain 6 (40.0)
 Dental problems 3 (20.0)
 Fractures 1 (6.7)
 Other additional sign/symptomb 8 (53.3)
  1. Data presented were assessed by HOST only. Respondents could report up to three first signs/symptoms and up to three additional signs/symptoms
  2. a Other first signs/symptoms included failure to thrive, vomiting, lack of appetite, seizures, bulging fontanel, difficulty in gaining weight, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, muscle weakness, and respiratory difficulties. bOther additional signs/symptoms included recurrent respiratory tract infections, nephrocalcinosis, lack of appetite, difficulty in gaining weight, tight hamstrings/calves, short stature, growth disorders, low red blood cell count, and other dental/oral problems (abocclusion, malposition of teeth, dysfunction of the tongue)
  3. HOST Hypophosphatasia Outcomes Study Telephone interview, HPP hypophosphatasia