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Table 3 Summary of comparison of characteristics of patients in the Contact Database and E-Repository by Chi Square, displayed in order by p-value

From: Quantitative analysis of a rare disease network’s international contact database and E-repository provides insights into biobanking in the electronic consent era

Title p-value*
Statistically significant (α < 0.002)
 Patient’s Primary Diagnosis < 0.0001
 Date of Registration < 0.0001
 Participant’s Preferred Method of Communication < 0.0001
 Participant’s Relationship to Patient < 0.0001
 Patient’s Year of Birth 0.001
 Patient’s Gender 0.002
Trending towards significance (α = 0.002–0.01)
 Patient’s Country 0.002
 Time elapsed between date of diagnosis and date of registration 0.005
 Interest in Warrior program 0.007
Not statistically significant (α > 0.01)
 Patient’s Date of Diagnosis 0.075
 Patient’s Symptoms 0.177
 Patient’s Subtype Diagnosis 0.403
 Patient’s Age at Diagnosis 0.499
 Participant’s Age 0.502
 Participant’s Gender 0.615
 Participant’s Year of Birth 0.721
 Distance between participant and patient based on zip code 0.742
 Registration Date relative to annual Patient Summit 0.851
  1. *p-value with Bonferroni correction (k = 21), α = .002