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Table 3 Modified IBM Functional Rating Scale (IBMFRS)

From: The updated retrospective questionnaire study of sporadic inclusion body myositis in Japan

1. Swallowing 5 Dressing 9 Walking
4 Normal 4 Normal 4 Normal
3 Early eating problems occasional choking 3 Independent but with increased effort or decreased efficiency. 3 Slow or mild unsteadiness
2 Dietary consistency changes 2 Independent but requires assistive devices or modified techniques 2 Intermittent use of an assistive device (AFO, cane walker)
1 Frequent choking 1 Requires assistance from caregiver for some clothing items (Velcro, snaps,shirts,shirts without buttons, etc.) 1 Unable to walk without assistive device
0 Needs tube feeding 0 Total dependence 0 Wheelchair dependent
2 Handwriting (with dominant hand prior to IBM onset) 6 Hygiene (Bathing & Toileting) 10 Climbing Stairs
4 Normal 4 Normal 4 Normal
3 Slow or sloppy; all words are legible 3 Independent but with increased effort or decreased activity 3 Slow with hesitation or increased effort; uses hand rail intermittently
2 Not all words are legible 2 Independent but requires use of assistive devices (shower chair, raised toilet seat, etc) 2 Dependent on hand rail
1 Able to grip pen but unable to write 1 Requires occasional assistance from caregiver 1 Dependent on hand rail and additional support (cane or person)
0 Unable to grip pen 0 Completely dependent 0 Cannot climb stairs
3 Cutting Food & Handling Utensils 7 Turning In Bed & Adjusting Covers  
4 Normal 4 Normal  
3 Somewhat slow and clumsy, but no help needed 3 Somewhat slow and clumsy but no help needed  
2 Can cut most foods although clumsy and slow; some help needed; can’t use chopsticks 2 Can turn alone or adjust sheets, but with great difficulty  
1 Food must be cut by someone, but can still feed slowly 1 Can initiate, but not turn or adjust sheets alone (needs caregivers)  
0 Needs to be fed 0 Unable or requires total assistance  
4 Fine Motor Tasks (Opening doors, using keys & picking up small objects) 8 Sit to Stand  
4 Independent 4 Independent (without use of arms)  
3 Slow or clumsy in completing task 3 Performs with substitute motions (leaning forward, rocking) but without use of arms  
2 Independent but requires modified techniques or assistive devices 2 Requires use of arms  
1 Frequently requires assistance from caregiver (e.g. bottons) 1 Requires assistance from a device or person  
0 Unable 0 Unable to stand