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Table 4 Results of multiple regression analysis of DRDs

From: Factors associated with positive and negative recommendations for cancer and non-cancer drugs for rare diseases in Canada

Variables in the model OR (95%CI)
Presence of RCTs (ref.: no) 2.9 (0.7; 11.8)
Safety issues (ref: yes) 4.0 (1.2; 13.6)
Improvements in clinical outcomes (ref: yes) 20.6 (2.2; 189.7)
Improvements in patient reported outcomes (ref: yes) 12.1 (1.3; 110.5)
Consistency between population in trial and indications (ref: no) 3.5 (0.9; 12.7)
  1. 95%CI 95% confidence interval, DRDs drugs for rare diseases, OR odds ratio, RCT randomized controlled trial, ref. reference