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Table 1 Three-step process in establishing a larger multidisciplinary team

From: A step-wise approach for establishing a multidisciplinary team for the management of tuberous sclerosis complex: a Delphi consensus report

Steps Participants Main Action
Step 1 A single physician who has a passion for TSC • Treat patients with TSC • Liaise with patient families, organizations, and other physicians • Identify a care coordinator • Initial drive of the MDT process
Step 2 Core team (comprising a care coordinator and members of the core medical specialties) • Liaise with patients/families • Coordinate physicians for management decisions • Organize patient follow-up and referrals • Liaise with other centers • Collaborate with TSC patient organization if available and able
Step 3 Full MDT and reference network with the assistance of the care coordinator • Operational MDT
  1. MDT multidisciplinary team, TSC tuberous sclerosis complex