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Table 5 Questionnaire based on patients’ opinion and use of the website (based on constructs of the Technology Acceptance Model)

From: Web-based personalised information and support for patients with a neuroendocrine tumour: randomised controlled trial

  Intervention group (n = 46)
Outcome Median (range)
The website is useful to me 4 (4–4)
The information at the website is interesting to me 4 (4–4)
I find this a site that adds value 4 (3–5)
I have a positive attitude towards the website 4 (4–5)
I would recommend the site to peers 4 (3–5)
How often do you visit the website 3 (2–4)
  1. Higher scores indicate more agreement with the statement (except for number of visits)
  2. Median: median score (at 12 weeks), range; interquartile range