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Table 1 Proofs of the second survey

From: Evaluation of DSD training schools organized by cost action BM1303 “DSDnet”

Questions Answer choices
Q1. What is your speciality: o pediatrician/pediatric endocrinologist
o pediatric/adolescent urologist
o pediatric/adolescent urologist
o clinical geneticist
o researcher (cellular/molecular)
o clinical psychologist
o other (please specify) [free text]
Q2. Age at the time of TS and Country of Origin o < 30 yrs
o 30–35
o 36–40
o > 40
Country of Origin [free text]
Q3. TS attended year o 2015 Ghent
o 2016 Bologna
o 2017 Budapest
Q4. Job status at time of TS Free text
Q5. Job status at time of survey Free text
Q6. Are you still active in the field of DSD? o No
o Yes
If no, please explain in brief why not. If yes, please give an example of how you have used the knowledge [free text]
Q7. Was your professional network enlarged thanks to the TS? Are you still in contact with: o Trainees
o Other members of DSDnet COST Action (specify the specialty or patients’ association) [free text]
Q8. Has the DSDnet TS influenced your decision in the direction of your career? o Yes
o No
Q9. Have you applied to any kind of grant related to DSD after attending the TS? o No
o If yes, please write the name of the grant [free text]
Q10. Have you received a fellowship related to DSD after attending the TS? o No
o If yes, write the name of the fellowship