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Table 3 Infections in Joints and bones and PAVM among cases and controls

From: Comorbidity among HHT patients and their controls in a 20 years follow-up period

  Screening PAVM PAVM Age at inclusion Age at infection Type of infection LPR Manual validation
Patient 1 Yes Small PAVM discovered at time of infection. Embolisation performed 51 69 Osteomyelitis vertebrae Same
Patient 2 No thanks ? 61 68 Staphylococci, Arthritis and polyarthritis Same
patient 3 No thanks ? 32 34 Osteomyelitis and periostitis in the mandible and maxillae False registration, patient excluded from analysis
Patient 4 Yes No 56 68 Infectious spondylitis purulent intervertebral Discitis Same
Patient 5 Yes PAVMs discovered after infection 58 65 Infectious spondylitis or vertebral Osteomyelitis Same
Patient 6 Yes Large PAVMs, did not wish to be treated 71 77 Osteomyelitis without specification/
Chronic osteomyelitis,
Control 1 Not relevant 49 56 Borrelia arthritis Patient seen in other hospital
  1. Details on all infections in Joints and bones (including type) and presence of PAVM as registered (LPR) in 6 patients and 1 control. In the clinical data patient 3 was excluded as the registration was false. Furthermore, the infection in the control was not identified in the clinical data as the patient was seen in another hospital